I’m Back!


After what seems to have been a year or two hiatus I am finally back but now in a different way. This time around I have a purpose for a series of posts I will be making from now onwards. I am starting a YouTube channel! And to track my thoughts and the process of trying to be a creative content creator, I will be utilizing this blog for that purpose.

It’s been so long and I have so much to share, and I feel that this new journey will be able to allow me to share what I please and relate to others. Without a doubt this journey I want to embark on is going to be tough and challenging not only me but the people around me as well, but this has been a dream of mine for a long time and I feel like I finally have the opportunity to pursue it! For the past few weeks I had been in a rut, in which I couldn’t think of anything to film, but I finally have a few concrete ideas that I want to do! I won’t reveal them because there is no fun in that! I aim to publish my first video this upcoming weekend/ week!

Well here we go! Stay Tuned for updates and videos!



image taken from google images:http://pre13.deviantart.net/1f1f/th/pre/f/2015/206/0/9/youtube_facet_by_kadhirfullycharged-d92qmum.jpg


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