There is something that bothers me deeply and it’s the Hijab. For those who are unaware of what hijab is, it the veil and covering by which a muslim woman is to follow. Now, not all muslim women wear hijab, and I don’t have a problem with that nor do I have a problem with the ones that do. The people I have a problem with are the brothers and sisters who feel it is their right to criticize the women who wear or do not wear it. Everyone now a days feel that it there right to go about and correct all “wrong doings” on social media.  I want to may this clear as possible: IT IS NOT YOUR POSITION TO TELL HOW A WOMAN SHOULD WEAR HER HIJAB. Who are you? Though you may be doing this with the goodness in your heart, why must you do it publicly? If you have a problem with how that woman is dressed why not approach her privately rather the shame her publicly. Also who are you to say that she is improper? You don’t know her and you don’t know her struggle. You can’t do this to you fellow sisters, you aren’t encouraging them but rather pushing them further away. SO I BEG, stop judging one another’s hijab. It is not your place to go and attack such a personal struggle and devotion to God. It’s best to stay quiet and make dua for what you see as wrong, rather to shame them publicly. Cover the wrong doings of your fellow brothers and sisters, rather than making them into public affairs. That is also a teaching of Islam, so think twice before you post or comment on a woman’s hijab. Give those who wear it credit and do not go about to criticize and degrade those who do not. You are not aware of an individual’s life, so do not be the one to go about to speak ill of how they are dressed no matter your intention. I cannot emphasize this enough, you don’t know their lives and you don’t know them. Don’t think it’s okay do this just because you are behind a computer, phone or tablet screen.

I hope this makes sense. If I have offended anyone I apologize, but this how I feel about this issue.

Till next time!

— Hamna —



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