How Many More?

How many more must die? How many more must suffer? How many more families will have to bury their children? How many more lives will be cut short?

The answer is unknown and the sad part is these questions shouldn’t even have  the need to come up, but from Palestine to Peshawar innocent lives have been lost. The lives of future doctors, scholars, educators and productive members of the world have been lost.

141 lives have been brutally slaughtered. Slaughtered in the name of “God”, but what God do you worship that makes you think that it is okay to kill and to top it off to kill innocent children? Let me tell you, you don’t worship any God but rather maybe the devil. No religion on this planet supports the killings you had set out to do. Can you get any lower? Can you steep any lower? You are the lowest of the low. You twist the words and teachings of the religion to benefit your sick and twisted cause. You are not Muslim, you do not follow the religion of Islam. You are monsters, who thinks its ethical and moral to kill, to kill innocent kids, too kill your fellow muslims. The amount of rage and disgust I feel cannot be in expressed in words, but let me say one thing. What you have done has shown the world you are not humans but monsters.

To all the families, I grieve with you. Although, your suffering is greater and far more painful than mine. I am with you. I pray for a safer tomorrow and that Allah (SWT) make it easy on you and bring peace to your grieving hearts. Your loss will not be forgotten.


One thought on “How Many More?

  1. Reblogged this on Romana Rubyy and commented:
    Couldn’t have said t better. I’m crying over this event today. My heart is broken. This is just horrible, terrible, words can’t describe it.

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