People always say you will miss high school once you’re in college. What I have to say to that is, that I do and don’t miss high school, and I think that is normal for a lot of people. High school was a safety blanket, there was nothing difficult about it because there really wasn’t anything to lose them. College is that exact opposite; it’s just thousands of dollars on for a letter grade and credits that you don’t know if you’ll get and honestly, that’s what sucks about college. We pay thousands of dollars to attend 4-5 classes that meet 1-3 times a week and are expected to be involved in some way on campus, have a job to pay off your loans and tuition and somehow to manage to have a life. Overall to be an extremely well-rounded person, and that is what employers want to see when you hand in your resume. To have a never-ending list of things you’re doing and have accomplished. As a freshman, it is a lot to juggle at once. High school tells you to volunteer and have a job if you want and take part in clubs, so I guess high does try to ease in the college experience. When you get to college nobody tells you that joining this will help or if you take these courses you with these professors you’ll surely understand the material. College is really a gamble, no matter what school you go to.

A lot of the times, you just want to cry because of the workload and pressure, and I never expected that to happen to me (I kind of thought I was invincible, but clearly I’m not and that sucks. Back to what I was saying). It’s just all so scary how less than a year ago I was just a senior in high school with a carefree life, and now I’m going crazy trying to balance school work, being part of organizations, volunteering, finding a job and on top of that taking care of my well being. I have the blessing of being able to live with my family and I have somewhat less of a burden, but I’m still overwhelmed. If I could change one thing right now it would be that, I wish I choose community college first. Financially, it would have been a lot easier, but I love my university and I definitely see a multitude amounts of opportunity here as a journalism and media studies major. I know what I have written has probably said and done, but it’s all true. College is no walk in a park. You just have everything handed to you at once and you have to find a balance and work hard for it too. I would definitely tell people to set goals for themselves and make sure they achieve them, even if it is to get A’s in their classes. I would tell them to write their goals out and make a day to day planner on what they will do to achieve their goals. As for Incoming freshmen, who may read this, don’t sign up for everything only sign up for things you think will benefit you and things that spark your interest. You’ll just overwhelm yourself if try and do everything. That is all! See you all in my next post!


3 thoughts on “College

  1. I CAN TOTALLY RELATE! Literally everything you said I was/am going through. Just out of curiosity, are you the oldest in your family? I am, so it really feels like I don’t really know what I’m doing because I’ve never had an example to follow…

    1. No, I’m actually the youngest in my family, but my older sister has the total opposite major as me, so I’m a bit lost as well. But she does come in handy! And if you ever have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to answer! 😉

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