Is There Anyone Like Me?

As my first year as a college student I face many challenges everyday, but , I think, my greatest challenge so far is discovering myself. I know the pressure of getting good grades as my first semester ends, but I also want to know where I fall and belong. Maybe this just the little kid in me wanting to grow up too fast, and maybe I’m the only one who wants to feel important. Most of the time the people around me have the motto of ” you do you” but even so don’t they want a place of importance? It’s probably just me, carrying an emotion far too old and deep in myself. I’m still young and very well aware of that, but why am I constantly feeling this way? Is it insecurity or something else? If there is one thing I am aware of is that I don’t feel this way due to lack of love. In fact, I am greatly loved by my family and friends ( I hope ). An immediate is answer to this is not possible, but I just want to know am I the only one who wants this? Am I the only one who wants importance in life? Or am I just crazy and letting curiosity of this emotion kill the cat? Is there anyone like me?


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